Taxi Dispatch Solution

The Radio Taxi is a thing of past. In order to answer customer in quickest possible time, most of the Indian taxi operator opted for a GPS base taxi dispatch system. This new communication system provides an integrated mobile data system, user friendly application software and Mobile Data Terminal for state-of-the-art fleet management system. All the personnel of Taxi Company can use this system to deliver fast and efficient taxi services.

This system does all the work. When the central center operator receives a call from customer, their detail keyed into application and than dispatch system finds out the optimumly located taxi to attend the customer. From MDT fitted in taxi the taxi driver see the details and bid for the job. Once job allocated to that particular taxi, dispatch send the details of customer (Name, Contact No., Pick location & Drop Location, Time to pick-up, nature of customer) to MDT. The taxi goes to pick customer and press the fare start button. The GPS registered the exact location of the cab through GPRS to control office.

Moreover, Driver can advise to control room for any traffic Jam, accident, no show (customer not available at pick location) or any exception using keys/ Button on MDT or through voice, and likewise, the control room can advise/warn drivers.

When the taxi driver receives and accepts a call for a pick-up, the computer screen shows up that taxi in a red colour and when the taximeter is turned on, the screen taxi changes to yellow. On concluding the service the colour becomes orange and, when the cab is once again free for a fare, it turns green on the screen. This GPS system greatly enhances the service to the customer.

At the control room using GIS map, driver's data and identification, system control all vehicle movement on real time. All these movements are recorded and can be subsequently checked or analysed in order to know what services/movement carried out on a particular day or time.

As the core business is a taxi operation, solution will give you:

  • Keeps tracking of the taxi fleet
  • Monitors the movement of each vehicle
  • Supports online communicating with the driver
  • Provides a sufficient dispatch methodology for all parties (Main office, and branches “if Any”)
  • Includes a reservation component that enables rapid and accurate reservations entries while ensuring the integrity of the data with the entire solution
  • Estimates an almost accurate locations of the vehicles
  • Assists in managing the day to day affairs of the fleet (Fleet Control)
  • Ensures the systematic collection of the yield of each taxi/DRIVER
  • Provides an accurate scheduling component (Allocating orders to drivers/taxis combination so that both resources are optimally utilized)
  • Comprises a tool for easily and simply administer the solution
  • Provides tools for maintaining the solution

System Flow

About the In-vehicle Hardware (MCT) :

Our in-vehicle hardware is a high performance, cost effective embedded wireless communication device with integrated GSM/GPRS and/or GPS module. Its’ application includes inventory tracking, vehicle monitoring and remote data collection. It can be configured to monitor and transmit real time data and event-triggered alerts to a backend server.

The device has digital input/output ports, ADC input ports and RS232 serial ports that can be programmed. This unit also supports voice communication and also it can receive data from monitor machine activity, and transmit vital data via GSM/GPRS to a control center. With its rugged construction, our hardware can be installed in obscure places to prevent tampering.

This unit would support the following features

1.  Track and Trace 

Would tell the location of the vehicle

2.  Speed Exception                            

Would give report on when the speed Broke limit.

3.  Geo encing 

Points can be defined , out of which if  The vehicles moves then it would notify. 

4.  It supports dispatch

This would be used to assign tasks to  Vehicles.

5.  Two way messaging                      

Messages can be sent and received.

6.  Driver identification

through RFID Interface

7.  Credit card Payment


8. Taxi Meter Integration


And many more features can be integrated as per customer requirement.

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