Our solution has been designed keeping into consideration the needs of the transportation/ Logistics/Security/BPO/ Cal Centre companies in India where security of the employee, vehicle and driver is paramount and automation of the dispatch process brings lots of savings to the company in terms of employee productivity, mileage etc. The proposed system is an end to end system spanning from reservation through intranet system to route generation. Our system is not only a planning tool but also a real time system capable of generating dynamic ETA (expected Time of Arrival) and also alerting the authorities in the traffic/ operations about the delays, if any.

The SMS query feature facilitates authorized person to know the vehicle location using a mobile phone. The black box which we propose is capable of capturing the odometer readings remotely so as to assure accurate mileage to many high-end security features like remote immobilization of the vehicle, door sensors to know when the door was opened/ closed and the respective location. We also provide panic button which allows the passenger/ driver to raise an alarm to the control room in distress situation.

  • Tracks and traces the vehicle.
  • Do away with paper work
  • Minimize the manual intervention
  • Helps to understand the utilization of vehicles & their productivity
  • A tool helping to cross check while making payments to drivers based on the trips claimed, Hours on duty etc.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Geo-Fence as a delivery proof helps the user to understand the time at which the vehicle entered the premises & exit from the premises and let us us know about the time spent.

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