mAVCV(Mobile Address Verification & Credit Verification)

  • Skylabs’s mobile based address verification and credit verification application can be implemented on its own or combined with the third party framework, which supports communication with any external service:
  • Document verification services to validate the document as real and unaltered.
  • Identity verification services to ensure the person is a real person.
  • Fraud, AML, and other sanction databases and watch lists for KYC compliance.
  • Income verification and credit score services to determine if the applicant is a good fit for your business.
  • All of this is, along with workflow and intelligent decision is powered by the our tool mAVCV. This robust and extensible platform is highly configurable to meet the needs of your business and satisfy the regulations of your market

    Easily On-board Customers.

  • The customer initiates the entire process via their mobile device, with a simple photo of their ID document(s).
  • Reduce Costs and Resources.

  • Data is extracted automatically, eliminating the need for manual entry by the user or back office resources that would be tasked with manual data entry to get the required data.
  • Extend to New Processes.

  • Simplify and accelerate information-intensive processes such as mobile deposit, new account openings, bill pay and more.
  • Engage Customers Quickly and Automatically.

  • Improve response time to customers by getting accurate results back to them in near real-time. Confidence breeds brand loyalty.
  • Leverage Better Data Quality.

  • Since high-quality images are created by mobile technology, documents are captured correctly the first time with the fastest, most complete and most accurate solution available.
  • Reliability:

  • Since most of data is captured at customer site, our mobile platform geo tag data to make it more reliable.
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