GIS Planing

Geographic Information System is a computer based solution for geographic objects exists on earth That Integrates, stores, edits, analysis, shares and displays Information. The digitization technique is used for transfer the hard copy map and survey plan into digital information through the use of CAD program. There is a growing interest in and awareness of the economic and strategic value of GIS.GIS Planning TOOLS

Gis Planing Tool

  • LINE MEASURE DRAW :- This tool is very much useful for drawing the line or polyline on Map. It displays measured Distance from first clicked vertex.
  • AREA MEARURE DRAW :- This tool is used to draw polygon that displays the measured area value during creating new object
  • POINT DRAW :- This tool is used to place a point on map for the purpose of display landmark and displays coordinates of landmarks.
  • INFORMATION TOOL :- This tool is used to get details of every object exist on earth over the map by just click on the object
  • EDIT TOOL:- This tool edits the object placed on the map by just click and select the object and change its size, position as is required.
  • INFORMATION UPDATES TOOL :- This tool is very useful .It updates the information of the object on map
  • Delete Tool :- This tool is used to delete the object on map by just click it
  • Save tool :- This tool is used to save new drawn objects on map

Planning professionals have technical expertise to translate vision of tomorrow into strategic plan for today

  • Economic development
  • Smart growth
  • Improving the quality of life
  • Creating better communities for future generations
  • Creating livable communities
  • Planning services
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Community-based design and planning

Many public administration aspects(health, infrastructures, planning, development, disasters management, security, environment protection, education, culture, entertainment) or private (resources and facilities control: transport, telecommunications, electricity, distribution, trade) involves geo-special data for which information system provided updated means of management.

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