Emergency Response System

The Total integrated Ambulance Fleet Tracking & Dispatch System can be categorized into 3 main areas: Ambulance Fleet Management & Monitoring System, Data Transmission Network (or the Network for Transmission) and the Data Terminal in the vehicle.

Ambulance Fleet Management & Monitoring system will be the key component in the overall systems design since this system initiates Ambulance bookings and activities i.e. data transmission between backend systems and the Data terminal in the vehicle via the new Data Transmission Network. The Data transmission network proposed is GPRS. The Data terminal in the vehicle will accept and display the data transmitted effectively. This terminal will also support two-way communications between the drivers and backend users via the terminal. The proposed system has been designed to facilitate ease of extraction of information for operational needs and statistical analysis.

Some of the main components of the fleet management and monitoring system are Ambulance Booking Entry/ Functions, Job dispatch and allocation and administrations/ Reporting and monitoring system.

The job dispatch and allocation is one of the critical sub system where after the customer/patient calls in and booking details are entered into the system, the information will be sent automatically to the job dispatch and allocation sub system. The main function of this sub system is to assign the booking to a suitable “available” ambulance.

This allocated ambulance no. will then be announced to the patient as well as specialist available in the control room for monitoring of the patient. These Ambulances will be fitted with Mobile Data Terminal to facilitate the communication between the call centre and Ambulance. The proposed system has also a sub system for generating reports based on the booking information. This sub system provides performance statistics extracted from the system’s database and compile the data into reports for management.

The backend system will also authenticate drivers who are eligible to sign on and receive ambulance booking requests. The reporting system will also provide data and statistical analysis about driver’s travelling/ shift/sign-on pattern, dynamic status of the ambulance fleet along with reports on journey travelled, route optimization, Telemedicine, speed, oil/fuel, pressure etc as well as patient medical diagnoses report.

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