CRM software is a User Friendly system to enter the customer’s data when calling by marketing member is going on.
crm is Direct mailing system to send mail directly to client for activating the subscription. Give accurate and up-to-date customer detail. Tracking all customer contacts,something which is essential for the smooth and effective running of a successful business.

Features of CRM

  • CRM is used to create a total profile of the customer, which can then be accessed by the other members of the organization.
  • It allows the team of the organization to check out their daily schedules via the application. Management of contact as well as lead.
  • Email facility for sending login details, SLA, Tariff , company profile, Performa and final invoices to clients on the spot .
  • Send Login information through SMS.
  • A wide variety of reports including member’s daily activity and pipeline of future revenue. Maintain log of user activity.
  • Chatter is included for internal communication between the team members.
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