Land Management & Information System

The objective of the Cadastral Information Systems Project is to create a reliable, efficient and accountable system of management of Land Records. The village cadastral maps created/redrawn in this project will be geographically referenced and edge matched with adjoining villages. Marking stones will be put at regular intervals on ground through ground control survey using DGPS and Electronic Total Station. The LIS system is expected to increase title security and reduce transaction costs.

Skylabs methodology includes Ground establishment surveys, Integration mapping from high resolution satellite images and creation of Cadastral GIS database involving, scanning, geo-referencing and digitization of cadastral maps including GIS application development

Limitations of the Existing Cadastral Maps and Alternatives

Some of the major deficiencies in the existing cadastral maps and the system are with regard to absence of standard ground referencing / geo referencing, topographical mapping with relation to surfaces and bench marks besides lack of periodic updating. All these call form litigation of the existing limitations and move towards the present day requirements of technological developments. Updating these maps with traditional methods like ground survey is a tedious and time consuming process. The GIS technologies offer integration of spatial data with non-spatial data enabling creation of a comprehensive database to address multipurpose cadastral functionalities.

The advanced ground survey techniques like Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)and Total Station provide establishment of ground control points to the accuracy order of few mm to few cm. which when combined with very high resolution satellite data can provide an accurate cadastral land base. Thus with the visually perceivable and interpretable features on the very high resolution satellite data, the legal cadastre can be created in conjunction with the existing database to establish the ownership and conclusive title of all parcels on the back drop of an accurate digital ortho image.

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