Barge Management System


If you move products by barge, we speak your language. Skylabs propose to develop barge information systems and software to optimize your fleet. At Skylabs, we have extensive experience with transport companies for providing transport solution includes; tracking, dispatching, transport management & depot management system using various in house and third party hardware integration. We understand the unique challenges of managing fleets, whether open water, river barging or ground.

Operational Optimization.

The Challenge: The barging industry runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there are no holidays. The boats never stop moving. Dispatchers are always on call, and accessible via cell phone, to handle irregularities or issues that might arise, day or night - talking to customers, tanker men, the docks, and the boats, so that the captains know that as they pass a point on the river, if there is a barge for pickup, it can be arranged. Sometimes pickup can be missed, and must be handled. Accidents or river conditions are top of mind in case they interrupt a tow, and dispatchers must determine how handle these scenarios, and constantly inform customers about what's going on with their product.

Solve dispatch with Skylabs Dispatch Manager.
It helps everything run smoothly, boost communication with the vessels, and allows dispatchers to keep track of all assets. More importantly, it's an effective tool for keeping customers up to date with the status of their loads.

Tracking and Fuel Monitoring System

Here are several benefits associated with the use of Skylabs GPS solution.

Increased quality of customer service
Quicker response to service demands;Information to customers of the estimated arrival time;Direct information to special customers through Tracking tickets (limited permissions given to customers to track some of the vehicles).

Reducing costs and increasing productivity.
Tighter control of fuel consumption;Tighter control of the fleet’s running costs;Lower telecommunication costs;Shorter waiting times, higher productivity;Automatic fleet report generation for managers and drivers.

Better business planning.
Selection of nearest vehicles for a new job;Route planning based on historical data (trip reports);Better business planning based on detailed and objective data

Enhanced security.
Better driving behaviour control: fewer accidents, fewer police tickets;Real-time vehicle tracking increases possibility of immediate theft detection and vehicle recovery;Higher protection of loads through door open sensors and temperature sensors.

Why do you need a System for Barges.

  • To have a real time barge tracking and monitoring system in place.
  • If no network coverage, system should be capable of storing data and push once network available.
  • To monitor route based on historical data.
  • To monitor a Real Time fuel consumption.
  • Due to long distance it’s very difficult to monitor barge movement with other parameters. Here we propose to put check points using sensors, GPS & GPRS technologies.
  • Barge crew is subcontracted so loyalty is suspect. Here, we are intending to put check.
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